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Connie and the Tooth Troll

Enter Connie's imaginative world in the first of many adventures with this beautifully written and illustrated childrens book.

category: Childrens book, Illustration

Connie and the Tooth Troll

It was 12 April 2016 when Daniel suggested an idea about a children's book he had just started writing. My first introduction to this book looked like this:

I wrote a wee story (pretty dark but for kids) called The Tooth Troll. The general idea is when a tooth is hanging by a string but the kid won't let the parent pull it out, the tooth troll seizes the chance to steal it.

"In the dead of night,
the Tooth Troll comes.
To steal that tooth,
From out your gums..."

- Daniel Gould

Connie Books writer

From that point I was instantly hooked!
It didn't take long before the first sketch of a tooth troll appeared and shortly afterwards Connie was born.
The ideas grew. The number of pages grew. Connie's world grew.
Realising we had something magical to show and tell we started doing research into publishing the book. This lead us quickly to self-publishing through the crowdfunding community.
Kickstarter was the platform, and our 30 day campaign through June and July 2017 resulted in a successfully funded book!


Illustrations for 60 page children's book Connie and the Tooth Troll. This included the actual book layout, front cover design, logo design, marketing, Kickstarter campaign.