Project Rili?

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The package i received last week contained 12 new shrimps for the collection. This time it was a spontaneous decision to buy them due to a good price. I’m not even sure that these are shrimps I want to concentrate on. Time will tell.

The Rili shrimp is a variant of the common Cherry shrimp, bred to bring out both red and transparent parts on their bodies.

Due to lack of good camera I took a couple of photos, but it’s difficult to see their patterns here. The first picture shows the aquarium they went into. A little sparse at the time of writing. I’ll be adding som more decor, plants, stones, wood sometime soon. The second picture shows a few Rili shrimps on their first feed, a couple of hours after I first acclimatised them to the aquarium.

Here are a couple of images from a google image search. Not my pics obviously.

And I’ll leave you with a short film from youtube from a Taiwanese breeder.

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