Dwarf cichlids to the shrimp/fish room

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A little disappointed on wednesday that my Apistogramma nijsseni didn’t come in to the aquarium store after placing an order. They commented that the wholesaler had no dwarf cichlids whatsoever. I’m pretty sure they just forgot to place the order. Anyway, after today’s excursion round the aquarium stores in Norrköping I came home with a trio of Apistogramma cacatuoides and a pair of microgeophagus ramirezi. A cacatuoides I have kept and bred before. A pretty easy dwarf cichlid, but none the less stunning colours in the fins and a joy to watch. M ramirezi on the other hand I’ve never kept. These little gems have some of the best colours amongst dwarf cichlids. A veritable rainbow of colours.

At the moment I have 2 containers here in the kitchen as a temporary holding pen until I transfer them into their new homes tomorrow. I will of course update on their progress some time in the near future …

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