Blue tiger update

Blue tiger update

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It’s been about 2 weeks since I last wrote about my female berried Blue tiger. Here’s an update.

Not knowing how long the Blue Tiger had been berried I was hoping to see some shrimplets by about now. But no little shrimps and no  sign of the mother until finally today she made an appearance. I just couldn’t make out if she was still carrying eggs so tried using my HTC Ones camera to get a half decent shot. Nope. That camera is useless (or there’s something wrong with my phone)!

I did however manage to take a few snaps with a not so great system camera using 2 different lenses. It’s still kinda difficult to make out in these photos but there are definitely some eggs there still. I’m guessing that at least 3 weeks has gone since she became berried, so in the next few days I hope to see some shrimplets.

I’ll leave you with a sneak peak at my next project …

Ok. Not many clues given away there. You’ll just need to wait …

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  1. Grant Menzies

    It was of course the date it came in. 11/2 ;)

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  2. You have 1/2 ounce? Your new project is drug dealing. Nice work bruvva.

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