9 liter nano update

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Things are getting just a little overgrown in my little 9 liter iQ3 nano setup. The plant that I was hoping would make a nice green carpet in the front of the aquarium (Hemianthus callitrichoides) has become very thin, and growns no more. This is of course due to the Cryptocoryne in the right corner of the aquarium that has all but taken over. It’s a little dark at the moment, but this makes the inhabitants calm and gives planty of refuge.

All 9 shrimps seem to be very happy. Coming and going as they please. Yesterday there was alot of activity amongst the blue tiger males. Frantically swimming around the front of the aquarium. Most likely due to the females immenent birth of babies. From the little I could see it appears the female is still carrying the eggs. Any time soon I hope to see some little shrimplets…

Overgrown iq3 - 9 liter
Overgrown iq3 – 9 liter


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