Inspiration for barefoot running

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Photo 2013-01-12 17 53 36Another post after receiving another package. I’ll try not to coincide all posts with packages in the future ;)

In this case, a very inspiring package with two books about barefoot running. The first ”Barefoot Running Step by Step” by Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton. A true barefoot runner. The second book by Jason Robillard (eh, a true barefoot runner too): The Barefoot Running Book. Jason’s book include more information about running in minimalist shoes, whereas Barefoot Ken describes shoes as ”foot coffins”. But the general theme of the books seems to be technique. I’ll post reviews soon …

Otherwise: A quick 10 minute barefoot run on the treadmill at the local fitness centre today. Still not sure how my technique is. It felt good though! First time last week I ended up with huge blisters, but things seemed better this time. I reckon it’s the friction on the treadmills rubber track. What I really want is to get outside and do the real thing barefoot but it’s just too frickin’ cold here in Sweden at the moment. (Note to myself: Find an indoor track)

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  1. Avoid friction. Lift your feet quickly, start pulling them back as, or even slightly (almost imperceptibly) before landing. The idea is that your feet need to match the speed of the surface you’re running on. A surface with more friction actually is easier to avoid blisters than a smooth surface, because you don’t notice the skidding, scuffing, or excess push-off on a smooth surface.

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    • Thanks for the feedback Ken!
      This lifting your feet quickly is very Alien to me. Just a matter of practice. Started doing 100-ups. Only been running for about a year, so I reckon a change of technique shouldn’t be too tough …
      Looking forward to reading your book :)

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